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Dwarven Ice Hockey  -  Landroval

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Dwarf Ice Hockey WIP



on First screen click button in Upper right to START GAME.


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NOTE:   Controls are inteded for MOBILE ANDROID play.

Mouse play is Enabled though may/may not represent real gamePlay on a Droid.


LEFT-MOUSE:(one button play)


Click spinning Stick on FaceOff. Head of Stick is Direction Puck will begin.


Click and HoldDown to start PASS Power Bar, release to PASS.

    New:  Shot Pass:  once a player recieves the puck, he has a brief time where he can quickly 'One Touch Pass" .



Click and HoldDown on a Friendly to Open MENU;

         Three PowerUp slots available( Not Implemented)

          you have the option to PASS from this Menu as well.



USING THE MENU in Play will STUN nearby ORCS.(TEMP)




Double CLICK on Enemies to Force Attack them.



Swipe your players to 'Nudge' them in the desired Direction.


Additional Notes:


Scoring goals contributes largely to your Renown Bar.

Defeating Orcs in one on one fights adds a minor boost to renown.

First Team to fill their Renown Bar wins!





Clean MORE ice/per square foot than the Enemy

Use garbage picked up to STUN opponent.

--drag off your Zambon, target enemy and  release to Launch.


NEW:  Click on inComming projectiles to destory them before they Hit you.


Pick up 'Colored' garbage for a possible Boost.


Green: speed boost

Yellow: additional ammo

Red:  Stun



basic Enemy AI.

Scoring system in place.




stage in progress. Access through LockerRoom.


First screen is Locker Room.

Not implemented for WebPLayer.


Timer not implemented.






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